woo lubricant

Water based lubricants have many advantages. They are sometimes preferred for their more natural feel, and thus are more likely to avoid irritation.

Simple Ways to Improve Sex

There are many factors that can adversely affect the sex lives of average people. Some are easily recognized. Stress, hectic schedules, depression, financial issues, and disagreements tend to be the most common. Other factors that rarely come to mind include pollution, lack of nutrition, boredom, a decrease in the libido, and fatigue. Understanding these factors can help people to recognize and overcome them with minor adjustments in their routines.

Connecting Factors

Pollution increases the free radicals that accumulate in the body throughout the day. Antioxidants in the body, if there are enough of them, fight these free radicals that often lower the sex drive. These factors are all connected and interact to diminish the frequency and pleasure of having sex. Proper nutrition will boost the antioxidants in the body to fight free radicals. Getting enough vitamins and minerals in the foods eaten will produce energy and eliminate extreme fatigue.


Break Routine

Boredom is a natural occurrence among long-time partners, which can contribute to a decrease in libido. In this case, do a few things differently. Move sexual activity out of the bedroom, for example, and have sex in the shower, in the living room, or even in the kitchen. Reach for the olive or coconut oil to use as a massage oil or personal lubricant while in the kitchen. Oils are all-natural, antibacterial, have a fantastic aroma, moisturize well, and have a pleasant taste.

Coconut oil is a major ingredient in high-quality lubricants sold online. The woo lubricant, for example, contains organic coconut oil, stevia, beeswax, and vanilla. This combination, found at woomoreplay, includes antioxidants, aromatherapy elements, a smooth texture, and a great taste.

Talk about Sex

Most partners are hesitant to broach the subject of sex. Instead, they continue to go through the motions and remain unfulfilled. Have an honest conversation and discuss ideas, issues, and the effects of the natural aging process. Some suggestions to make sexual activity enjoyable again are to use pillows for support, increase the amount of lubrication used, and be more affectionate when not engaging in sex. These simple ways to improve sex that do not cost money and do not require the need for counseling.